Mission Statement
To spread a proven therapeutical method through art and music benefitting children and adults

Paint the Music Now
is changing lives one stroke at a time.

Color for the Eyes and Music for the Soul

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Founder and Artistic Director: Jacqueline Nilsen


 Dahlonega, Georgia Parks and Recreation Center Art Classes

365 Riley Road
Dahlonega, GA 30533
Tel: 706.864.3622

Web: www.lumpkincounty.gov

Paint the Music Now Spring Classes 2018:

April 11 5:00 PM Session 1 $50 Course Package Includes Free T-Shirt
April 18 5:00 PM Session 2
April 25 5:00 PM Session 3 (Performance at 5:30)

Contact Lumpkin County Parks and Recreation at 706.864.3622 to reserve your class today.

Download Lumpkin County Parks and Recreation Center course brochure in PDF:



Download our program information brochure in PDF.

 Class info "ART IN MOTION"

Paint the Music Now

The power of art combined with music brings joy to one’s soul. While dedicated to the creative development of children with autism, the program is enjoyable for children of all backgrounds.

Paint the Music Now introduces:
- Primary Colors
- Body Movement
- Brush Strokes
- Shapes and Form
- Coordination
- Concentrated Focus
All to the beat of the music!

Classes consist of using three of the five senses – Touch, Hearing, and Sight. There are no rules… simply reaching the children’s creativity through the music and splash of colours allows a new dimension of inspirational direction. Classes are 45 minutes in length, with occasional five-minute breaks to shake the hands and feet to relax. The class is musical and lively, resembling an aerobic environment in an art studio. Painting the Music involves your mind by blending colors fast, to the beat, letting the music inspire your strokes, moves and listening to the different sounds and beat.
The class concludes with ‘taking a bow’, as these are performing artists.
Tailored for any child - with a variety of music from Mozart to Pop - Paint the Music Now is also especially effective and enjoyed by anyone including adults. Paint the Music Now is art without boundaries.  Parents are invited to the final lesson to witness their children showcase their new found artistic expression.
The course is open to any child ages 3 to Adult.